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Laser Lens Cleaners are needed to keep your equipment healthy.

Laser Lens Cleaners are like using a "head cleaner" on a VCR.  A very good idea.

Sometimes, Laser Lens Cleaners "fix" players that won't read discs anymore.

A Laser Lens Cleaner is a CD with a small brush attached to the underside that gently removes build-up from the lens inside your CD player or DVD drive, etc.

As dust and smoke float into your player or drive's inner compartment, the build-up can cloud the lens that the laser is focused through.

A dirty lens distorts data and prevents the laser from "seeing" clearly. This is very bad for true digital reproduction.

This is yet another cause of dreadful "skipping", "freezing" and "crashing" because the laser cannot focus properly.

It's so easy, just pop it in and press play! Our Laser Lens Cleaner is compatible with optical 5 1/2" disc drives; CD, DVD, Game Disc, CD-ROM, CD-R, etc.

Simply insert the cleaner into your player, drive or changer and it does the work easily and safely.

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Using our Laser Lens Cleaner regularly to clean your player or drive's laser lens can help prevent costly visits to the repair shop for professional maintenance or repair.

With CD 2000's Laser Lens Cleaner, you can help maintain optimum performance from your 5 ½" optical disc player.

Monthly use helps keep the lens surface clear of laser-obstructing impurities.

Keep a Laser Lens Cleaner near every player or drive you have and use it often to keep the laser lens inside your CD player, CD-ROM and DVD drives clean and distortion free.

Be careful about which lens cleaners you choose to load into your equipment. Some can do more harm than good. Some professionals actually recommend against using a lens cleaner. That is because some Wet-Type Lens Cleaners can gunk up the hardware, some Dry-Type Lens Cleaner's brush fibers are too abrasive and can scratch the lens. Some Dry-Type's brush fibers aren't even long enough to reach the lens! Even worse, dry spinning brushes can create a static charge that is potentially harmful and can zap hardware.

Our Laser Lens Cleaner is a disc with a small, super soft, lab-grade brush installed on the underside that gently cleans the delicate lens. This special brush is made with ultra-fine synthetic fibers that are infused with a microscopic strand of copper. This gives the cleaner anti-static properties to help dissipate any damaging electrostatic charge and will not harm the lens.


Comes with music plus voice, PC and Mac instructions.

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Just pop it in and press play!

• Help keep your player/drive clean.

• Maintain true digital clarity and accuracy.

• An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure!

Unlike other lens cleaners, CD 2000's Laser Lens Cleaner is Made with Pride in the U.S.A.!

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Most other lens cleaners are hand-made and shipped from over-seas. Hand-making lens cleaners can transfer sweat and oils not only on the disc, but also onto the cleaning brush. The oil-tainted brush then can transfer sweat and oil onto your laser lens, clouding the surface and helping dust and debris adhere to the surface you are trying to clean!

When we considered purchasing cleaners from over-seas manufacturers, (almost all lens cleaners are imported) we were told to expect a 30% to 40% reject rate, including cracked discs, fingerprints, scratches and mis-aligned, loose or missing brushes. That's not good enough for us or our customers!

Our lens cleaners are now precision-machined within strict tolerances on proprietary equipment right here in the U.S.A.

We're so confident in our reject rate (less than 1%) that we 100% GUARANTEE our lens cleaner to have no cracks, no fingerprints, no loose or missing brushes or any other defect.

We shrink wrap each cleaner prior to placing it in a 200 lb. test shipping box. If somehow you receive a defective lens cleaner, notify us immediately. We'll give you instructions to send it back and we'll replace it free.Click for Secure Online Ordering


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